Commissioning & Installation

Installation and commissioning of storm water and wastewater pumping stations and the systems that control them require engineering expertise and specialist advice.
This can be overwhelming when both the resources and capabilities to carry out these services are limited.

Fluid Pumps have the capability to facilitate your needs.  This eliminates the need for in-house installation and project management services.


What we do

We will select the correct size and type of pump i.e. vortex, macerator, self-priming depending on the system, along with associated valves, guide rails, pedestals, level controls and control panel.
We will need to attend site to measure up the pipe work, take note of the position of the control panel in relation to the chamber and to make sure there is sufficient room in and our around the chamber to fit the recommended pumps.

Prior to the on-site installation, we will check the full bill of materials for the job and assemble some of the equipment in our workshop to save time and disruption on site.

We ensure that the work is completed quickly and efficiently to minimise down time and to get your services up and running as soon as possible, all in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Fluid Pumps also provides a comprehensive commissioning service for equipment we have installed or done by others.   We have a pre-commissioning check list that makes sure no unnecessary site visits are made.