Package Pumping Stations


The package pump stations are designed to collect foul water from an entire property or other buildings which houses multiple people such as commercial offices and other commercial applications. The Packaged Pumping Stations have been designed to ensure an easy and trouble free installation and are supplied including all internal pipe work and sewage pumps with guide rail system.


Small Package Pumping Stations – SINGLEBOX and DOUBLEBOX Series

Typical Installations: Domestic single household or small development where the sewer line is higher than the out fall from dwellings, or where gravity drainage is not possible<

Prefabricated lifting station for wastewater according to EN 12050-1&2 standard.


  • Grinder Pump options available
  • Flows up to 660 l/min, heads up to 16 metres
  • Can pump up to 48mm diameter solid in suspension
  • 1ph pumps fitted with integral float switches
  • 3ph pumps supplied with control panel and 10m float switches


  • SINGLEBOX version 270 litre tank (Single pump).
  • DOUBLEBOX version 550 litre tank (Dual pump).
  • Tank made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, highly resistant to chemical attack and UV rays.
  • Airtight anti-pollution tank, to according to standard EN 12050.

Easy to install

  • Choice of positions allows best-fit location for inlet connection.
  • SINGLEBOX and DOUBLE can be installed on the ground or buried in a suitable structure.
  • Installation is quick and easy: for the single-phase versions you just connect the pipes and the electrical cables; for the three-phase versions you also need to connect the control panel.

Easy to use

  • Angled design of tank base makes for less retention
  • Operates fully automatically with low maintenance. Dependability and servicing
  • Tried-and-tested pump technology.
  • Pump quick and easy to remove with ring nut located near the cove


Larger Packaged Pumping Stations

The following Package Pumping stations are supplied with a robust GRP tank, suitable for below ground installation and comply with the relevant building regulations. These package pump stations are designed for entire property or other buildings which houses multiple people such as commercial offices and other light commercial applications. With a full range of standard sizes and our ability to manufacture bespoke stations, our packaged pumping stations are suitable for a wide range of applications and budget.


  • Manufactured in GRP
  • Available in standard sizes ranging from 1 to 2.5 metres in diameter
  • Available in the range of depths
  • Flexible, bespoke packaged pumping stations can be designed and manufactured to suit your application


  • Grinder Pump options available
  • Flows and head sized to application
  • Can pump up to 100mm diameter solid in suspension
  • Supplied with control panel and 10m float switches


All of our packaged pumping stations come complete with internal pipework, valves, pumps, monitoring and control equipment, floats and pump stools. The range is available with either internal or external valve chambers